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Make way for enhanced security and deter crimes in any commercial or public space/events with our private security services in Melbourne.

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Reliable Private Security in Melbourne

Private security, as the name suggests, is a security service meant to cater to the unique needs of the client. At Aligned Security Force, we understand this and offer tailored private security services to all our clients. Irrespective of the nature of your event or the industry you belong to, we will address all your security needs or concerns and devise a foolproof security strategy. The moment you choose to avail of our private security services, you get access to a team of security professionals who will offer 360-degree surveillance and ensure the safety and security of your location/event.

Our private security guards have experience delivering security services under diverse circumstances. They have efficiently catered to the security needs of:

Energy UpgradeConstruction sites.

DecommissioningRetail establishments

holistic serviceEducational institutions

Energy UpgradeResidential communities

DecommissioningCommercial properties including office premises, theatres, hotels etc.

holistic servicePublic and private events, including weddings, seminars, rallies, etc.

DecommissioningSports events, including marathons, sports meets, etc.

Hiring a private security company to safeguard your premises serves not one but several ends. A well-planned private security service will:

Energy UpgradeProtect any residential community against criminal activities.

DecommissioningHelp maintain the decorum of your commercial or industrial space.

holistic serviceEnsure your events take place without any damage or threat to infrastructure, property or human life.

So, as private security service providers in Melbourne, we work across all market segments and offer state-of-the-art security services.

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Why Avail Our Private Security Services?

Considering the recent increase in crime rates, hiring private security services can go a long way in securing stringent protection against any criminal activity. At Aligned Security Force, we understand the role that we play in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our clients and, therefore, employ only the best team and deliver the best services. We offer protection and bring you peace of mind so that you can work or live uninterrupted by safety concerns.
  • Once you connect with us, we will analyse your unique security needs and dispatch a team best qualified to cater to them.
  • We will follow all security protocols and timely detect and eliminate all potential risks. As a team working in the security industry for years, we are well aware of our limitations as a private security company, so we will never overstep your boundaries and work while following all due procedures.
  • We will offer 24*7 security coverage so that at no moment is the safety of your premises compromised and leads to physical injury or liability of any sort.
  • We will offer 24*7 security coverage so that at no moment is the safety of your premises compromised and leads to physical injury or liability of any sort.
  • We train our staff every 6 months to ensure they are versed in all the latest security procedures and fully equipped to face all the challenges they might encounter in their line of work.
  • We collaborate with the local authorities and seek their assistance in case of emergencies. This includes the local police and healthcare professionals.
  • Our team is insured with $20 million in public liability insurance and abides by the Australian and Victorian Security Services Guidelines.
  • We will stay alert and be quick to retaliate against any illegal or criminal activity within the premises. Our stationed and mobile guards would offer constant surveillance and timely eliminate all risks.
Whether it’s for a one-time event or a matter of long-term security, we will provide you with top-notch private security services. So, give us a call and ensure the safety of your residential, industrial or commercial spaces.


We target customer satisfaction and it reflects in our client testimonials. Hear from our past clients why we are your best choice when it comes to security services in Melbourne!


Aligned Security Force is the best security company in melbourne. They have provided very reliable and experienced guards for our multiple sites. Highly recommended.


- Farwa Ali


Aligned Security Force has provided exceptional service to one of our construction sites.Their guards are very professional and reliable. Best rates and easy to organise. Highly recommended.


- Kazim Mehdi


Aligned provided me with a very simple solution to my urgent security issue. Within minutes I had answers to my questions and a service delivered on time at a reasonable cost


- Daniel Richards

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