Do I need a license to work as a Security Guard in Australia?


To work as a Security Guard in Australia you would need to have a State or Territory security license.

Though there have been situations where security protection companies illegally hire individuals security guard without licenses. Such situations often happen due to the following circumstances:

  • During Security Hire peak period (i.e. security for new year’s eve, major events security)
  • The Security Firm is looking to underpay the ‘unlicensed’ hired security officer
  • The individual lost their security officer license  but,  the employer keeps offering them shifts.

Why You  Should Never Work as a Security Guard Without a License

If you are looking to work as an unarmed security guard, I will advise you to never follow the above route; ‘working without a security license.’ The reason why is:

  • When the security companies- regulatory authority (i.e. LRD, SLED) discover you are working without a license, you will get a huge fine and possibly get thrown the books
  • You are likely not going to be covered by Public Liability Insurance; this means the patron may sue you directly and your security employer might throw you under the bus and say, ‘we are not his employer or “he/she is not on our system”.’
  • You are likely not going to be covered by Work Cover Insurance; so this means;  when you get hurt, you are on your own. The company is most likely going to deny being your employer and that would leave you out of pocket-sorting your own injuries/recovery.

How do I Get a Security Guard License in Australia

In most jurisdictions of Australia, to work as a security officer you need to first do the following:

    1. Eligibility: you must have work rights in Australia (i.e., Citizen, Permanent Resident or Working Visa)
    2. Length of Stay: in most cases, you must have been in Australia for more than 12 months
    3. Education: you must complete Certificate 2 in Unarmed Security Guard Operations and Crowd Control. That means you need to find a Government approved vocational institute such as; Australia Vocational Education and Training Academy.
    4. Suitable Character: you must not have a current criminal record (i.e. less than 10 years)
    5. Fingerprint and Police Check: you must book an appointment for a fingerprint and police check (note; you might be required to provide an overseas police check if you have lived in an overseas country for more than 12 months in the last 5 years.)

Once you have complied with the above, you can then apply for a security guard license with your state or territory security license regulator.

You are likely to get your security individual license approved within 14-21 days if all your paperwork is in order.

Looking for Security Guard Jobs

Now that you have completer your course in Certificate 2 in Security Operations or have awaited your license. Start doing the following:

  • Create a good resume
  • Contact local security services companies with your resume and cover letter. Indicate the likely date or month you will get your license approved
  • Search for security officer books to read like; “Security Adventure Service.” Reading such, will give you the opportunity to tap from others’ experiences and help you start your security guard journey on a brighter note
  • Join your local or state security networking group on social media such as Facebook
  • Ask questions so, those who are more experienced can help you with good information that will help make your security journey a success!

You need a security guard license to work as a Security Guard in Melbourne or Crowd Controller in Australia. Always ensure your approved security license is current and have them with you at all worksites or you might get fined if you don’t.

Disclaimer: ensure you visit your State or Territory Licensing Authority website for comprehensive information on how to get your individual security guard license.

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