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A construction site is one of the main hubs for vandalism and theft, despite being an unfinished or ongoing building project. It may seem like the site does not hold any valuable items yet, and should be quite unattractive to thieves and burglers looking to make a quick buck.

The National Equipment Register reports that construction site thefts cost the industry up to $1 billion annually. It is necessary to put adequate resources in place to ensure maximum security on your site.

In this article, we’ll share the top ways to secure your construction site, and why it’s important.

Why Should a Construction Site Be Well Secure?

Security Guards for construction sites are essential because, construction work site  are easily accessible and open for anyone to waltz in. Not just that, they’re full of valuable work tools and equipment’s that can fetch a good sum for a lucky thieves.

If provided with the opportunity, thieves can clean-off your construction site  of expensive work tools and cause a massive amount of damage . Vandalism, damages, and thefts like these result in increased project costs and delays in the timely completion of the project.

Unsecured sites also put the health and safety of employees, visitors and other delivery-contractors  at risk. Without safety and precautionary measures in place, they may fall victim to fatal injuries or struggle with efficiency and productivity which may hamper a seamless and timely delivery.

All of these eventualities lead to unhappy workers and even unhappier clients or likely Workcover, Public Liability compensation claims for any injured, worker, or site visitor . Thus, It is essential for employers to ensure there is adequate building site security in place, so that work can flow without hindrances.

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4 Main Ways to Secure a Construction Site

The major step to ensuring security on a jobsite, is to set up a fully functional construction site security system.  Here’s a list of ways to set this security system up quickly:

1.    Install a Security or Alarm System

When intruders come into the construction site, it’s easy for them to make a clean getaway when there are no alarm systems set up. They are more likely to stay away when they know they can trigger an alarm that will wake the entire neighborhood.

This alarm system is great for petty thieves who do not have the tools needed to easily turn off the alarm. Most modern alarm systems have motion detectors and movement sensors that go off and alert the right people once it detects someone trying to gain unauthorized access to the premises.

2.    Include Surveillance Cameras

Installing equipment like these goes without saying. Statistics show that less than 25% of stolen items from construction sites get recovered. With a functional surveillance system in place, you can better identify criminals and unauthorized personnel who make away with your equipment or gadgets.

Construction site security cameras also help you keep an eye on what goes on in and around the site area when work is done for the day.

3.    Hire Construction Site Guards

Having a construction site security guard (or more) patrolling the premises gives a cautionary warning to potential intruders and criminals. Knowing that there are guards on the site who are keeping watch, discourages their attempts to break in.

Security guards don’t only patrol, they also man points of entry and do a thorough check of visitors to the site during the day, ensuring they’re not there on shady business. They keep an eye on the security footage and alarm systems and ensure workers and visitors comply with health and safety instructions on site.

4.    Put Up Quality LED Lights Around the Site

Dim or poorly-lit construction sites lure criminals like flies.

Set up adequate security lighting around the premises to help the night guards identify intruders better, and help them see the premises they’re securing. It will also improve the quality of surveillance footage that the security cameras for construction sites pick up.

How Can a Construction Site Security Company Help?

Did you know that, the month August records the highest amount of construction site thefts? This is why now more than ever, it’s essential to work with a construction site security monitoring company that will help you keep your premises safe.

Not only does the monitoring team provide support on-site, but they also act as an emergency response team offsite, reacting promptly as a backup in the event that any security breach occurs. They have years of experience in the security field and assure you of safety at all times.

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