The Importance of Security Services Company with ISO AS/NZS Certification

The importance of using the services of security guards companies with ISO AS/NZS Certifications.

Then you understand the need to work with companies that adhere to world security standards. One way to ensure this is by choosing companies that comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other similar certifications’ quality management guidelines.

Is ISO certification required for all companies? No, but you’ll find that agencies with ISO certification for security companies offer a better guarantee of providing the services they say they offer.

In this article, we’ll show you why it’s necessary that the security agency you employ has been certified and the benefits of having this certification.

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What Is the ISO Standard For Security Agency Companies, and Why Does it Matter?

There are different ISO certification standards for different categories of businesses and industries. Such as;Quality Management System [ISO 9001: 2015], Environment Management System [ISO 1400:2015] and Health and Safety Management System [ISO 45001:2018]. The ISO certification standard for Security Operations Management System (SOMS) is essential for any security agency that provides or contracts security guards.

The guidelines set out by the ISO ensure that companies that provide security operations have a regulated structure for setting up, working, surveilling, examining, and maintaining their standards of services and go through annual  Compliance Audit both externally and internally.

The certification is an assurance showing that the security agency has set up exceptional management controls, is dedicated to Quality Assurance, respects the Environment, priorities Quality, and takes Health and Safety seriously!

What Is AS/NZS Certification—Why Is It Important?

This is a certification for the Australian and New Zealand Standard for safety management systems. Also known as the AS/NZS , it’s a guarantee or proof that the company’s management is committed to ensuring safe work practices, so you can trust that your premises are in safe hands.

It also certifies that the company provides employees with the necessary and appropriate business infrastructure to do their work, guaranteeing consistency in their safety performance.

The AS/NZS necessitates that organizations, including security companies, create, monitor, and evaluate their Quality Management Systems such as in; Occupational, Health, and Safety, Environment and Quality. This becomes proof that the agency looks out for problems in their operations that may affect how they provide optimal services for clients and fix them quickly.

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What Are the Benefits of Choosing an ISO AS/NZS Certified Security Company?

There are tons of benefits of ISO certification for clients looking to employ the services of a security agency. If the company also has an AS/NZS certification, this even doubles the benefits for you. Here are a few of them:

  • ISO guidelines and requirements are strict. If a company Quality Management Systems has been certified by ISO, you can rest assured that they’ve been audited for performance and passed the tests.
  • It ensures that the company will provide you with unwavering quality in line with corporate governance.
  • It guarantees that the business is valid and authentic, and takes extra steps to convince clients of this.
  • It validates the quality and skill of the security team that will be manning your premises.
  • The standards help improve the security company’s capability to meet your needs and stay true to the standards of services they have promised at all times.
  • It also helps the company stay answerable as regards to respecting your the Environment.
  • Having this certification shows that the security service company is compliant with laws and regulations guarding the industry, reducing the risks you may be exposed to when you work with them.
  • It also shows that the security guard company is willing to pull all strings to provide you the best of services there is, and has taken steps to ensure their service delivery and quality  are of a world standard.

Work With a AS/NZS Certified Security Service Company

Before you hire a security services company, you want a guarantee that the company will provide you with the services you need without wasting your time and resources. Top security guard companies like ours have ISO and AS/NZS certifications that assure you’ll get a quality, superior experience every time.

Choose an ISO AS/NZS certified Melbourne security service company for peace of mind,and  knowing you business, site are in safe hands.

That is why Aligned Security Force is a security guard company that has been

certified by IQC Global in:

-Quality Management System [ISO 9001: 2015]

-Environment Management System [ISO 1400:2015]

-Health and Safety Management System [ISO 45001:2018]

We are a trusted and ISO Certified Security Company in Victoria!

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